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About Us

Lightstorm Telekomunikasi brings to you a unique carrier-neutral infrastructure platform designed for the digital world

Established in 6 July 2022, Lightstorm Indonesia Teklekomunikasi is a carrier-neutral network infrastructure platform built to accelerate business growth and innovation in the digital world. We are the pioneer to build a first-of-its-kind utility-grade resilient fibre network.


To become a super-specialist B2B digital infrastructure provider and build a long-lasting global corporate institution run by professionals.


To create a world in which the digital business ecosystem experience seamless, uncompromising network connectivity.

Our founding tenets

We were founded with the ideals of providing open, transparent & neutral access to the cloud & internet- which was the need of the hour to support the next wave of digital disruptions. We are here to fill the gap in India's digital framework. We challenge the status quo, so businesses get the digital infrastructure they deserve without any inhibitions or inefficiencies.

Quick To Consume

We, at Lightstorm, believe in putting you at the centre of what we do. For this reason, we reimagined the traditional network architecture to innovatively address your pain points. This approach also ensures that we proactively resolve issues and provide timely support as you grow and scale.

High Scale Reach, On Demand

Lightstorm’s platform is designed to provide consistently superior performance for demanding SLAs. With improved control, flexibility, visibility, and ease, it gives you a formidable base to take you closer to your business goals. To put it simply, we make it easier for you to thrive in the digital economy.

Leadership Team

Prakash Ranjalkar

President Director
30 Years+ Industry experience with telecommunication infrastructure and tower company (Airtel Africa, GTL Infrastructure, Apollo tower Mya)

Benhard Siagian

25 Years+ Industry experience with various role in Business Development with Global Company (SAP, Qualcomm)

Why are we different

We took everything about networking infrastructure from fiber, network & architecture and completely re-engineered it to serve a world powered by Cloud and digital experience - one that requires 100% uptime, shortest latency and control in the hands of the customer.


Traditional Network Design

Traditional Network Design

  • ~ 90% of long-haul fiber routes are underground fiber
  • Prone to frequent flaps & fiber cuts
  • Non-linear ring-based architecture with multiple add-drop locations
  • Multiple add-drop locations lead to high latency between source/destination
  • Designed for wireless/B2C market segment using traditional ring-based architecture
  • PoPs in telco's site leading to reliability/availability issues
  • Multiple vendors and legacy hardware leading to operational complexity
  • Legacy network with no programmability

Lightstorm Next Gen Network Design

  • 100% of underground and new rollout fiber plant
  • Zero flaps as all new build and low loss fiber infrastructure
  • Spine-leaf architecture in metro targeting multi-tenant DC
  • Point-to-point linear long-haul/metro express network architecture
  • Better latency as no add-drop sites in between source/destination
  • All long-haul/metro PoP are located within Tier-3/4 DC with high availability design
  • Single hardware across metro/long-haul network providing ease of operation
  • Network is software-defined by foundation

Lightstorm differentiators


Orchestration via platform

  • On-demand Network-as-a-Service platform
  • DCI, Cloud, IX Connect solutions
  • xScale Network (nx10Gs, nx100Gs, managed spectrum, Tbps scale)
  • Self-service portal (on-demand provisioning, Visibility, SLA metrics, dashboard)

Intelligent software defined mesh network

  • Any to Any 3*Path connectivity
  • Express Metro Network with no Add/Drop
  • Leaf and Spine network architecture
  • 100% software defined and programmable
  • CDCF ASON based solution in Long-haul/Metro
  • Country First 300 Gig Line Rate per channel in Long-haul
  • Country First 600 Gig Line Rate per channel in Metro

Finest fiber infrastructure

  • The only network to have exclusive linear routes with OPGW & uility fiber
  • Best SLA & uptime
  • Shortest latency between DCs and Cities
  • Designed for 100% uptime
  • Neutral and open access to multi-tenant DCs across the region


Connects major data centers across the country

Dedicated connections ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps to multiple 100Gbps over Indonesia’s first xScale Network

Elastic network to power your next phase of growth.

Best latency connecting major cities and access smooth on-demand services

Interconnection to major public cloud service providers over Lightstorm Platform

Dedicated and secure connections to the cloud

Smartnet is designed to support the most demanding SLAs (uptime, latency, flap) in the industry

Dedicated and secure interconnections to major Internet Exchanges

Allows enterprises to access IX without the need to deploy physical infrastructure

One-stop-solution for networking requirements in & out of Indonesia

Bespoke networking platform including IP ASN, connections to peering exchanges, Cloud & DC

Expertise in designing networks for cloud, gaming, & CDN space

Provides fully managed services from Day-0 to Day-1 to Day-2 operations

Contact Us

Head Office

JL. Jend Sudirman Kav.32. Desa/Kelurahan Karet Tengsin,
Kec. Tanah Abang, Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat,
Provinsi DKI Jakarta, 10220
Tel : +62-21 27098400


Ruko Kuantan Square Mlati no R8,
Jalan Dr. Wahidin, Dusun Mlati Krajan, Kelurahan Sendangadi,
Kecamatan Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, 55285
Tel: +62274-2888055
WA/SMS Center +62812-2708-6200